• Rylis

    In his early years, Rylis would watch hours of youtube covers of young aspiring artists such as himself, this is where he found his passion and love for music creation. Pulling inspiration from other Canadian artists such as Justin Bieber and The Weeknd; Rylis’ music reflects this with his catchy melodies, expressive writing and unique instrumentals.

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  • Kashaga

    Kashaga is a rising Canadian artist and producer who calls both the East and West coast his home. In an era where Hip Hop has a foot in almost every genre, Kashaga embodies the idea of blending sounds while creating his own distinct statement in the music scene. From catchy melodies to intricate word-play, Kashaga has a song for everyone.

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  • Colton Davis

    Colton Davis is a multi-talented Video Director based on the west coast of Canada as well as Los Angelas, California. Working closely with artists and influencers such as Roney, Jake Hillhouse and Sideneck, Colton’s products have racked up tens of millions of views across social media platforms, proving that his creative vision is a recipe for success. With a work ethic as strong as an Ox, often being compared to the likes of Cole Bennett, it’s only a matter of time before Colton Davis is a household name.

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